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Cool tool


The MixMarket has developed a cool tool for quickly getting an overview over how different MFIs are performing. While a little confusing at first, it is actually pretty intuitive after using for a few minutes.

Here’s an example


The size of the boxes is the number of loans below 300$ – these are most prevalent in Africa. However, from the color you can see that the same institutions are not financially sustainable.

Try for yourself.
Make sure you have Java Scripts enabled.



Currently I am reading this:

Eckstein, Harry (1975), “Case Study and Theory in Political Science” i F. I. Greenstein og N. W. Polsby, Handbook of Political Science: Strategies of inquiry, Addison-Wesley,

Starting the thesis writing


I have only just started thinking about the thesis, so there are a lot of unknows still.

Right now I am working on a two-stage approach

In the first stage, I will look at some quantitative data on microfinance institutions in order to arrive at factors which affect the performance or delivery of microfinance. These factors can be for example

– the degree of ethnic homogeneity society,
– the regulatory environment
– the organizational setup: NGO, commercial bank or in-between
– the level of corruption
– the region

I am currently working with data from CGAP’s report on microfinance from 2003 plus data from and

In the second stage, I will look more closely at one of the factors through some case-studies of MFIs. In this stage, I will use some theory from political science, probably on policy implementation.

Comment and suggestions are welcome!

Danish microfinance


There is not much microfinance in Denmark. DANIDA has some activities which Carl Bro is currently evaluating. Oikos and Mercur are investing in microfinance. Some Danish NGO’s have been doing some microfinance, with limited success.

Furthermore, there is supposedly something called Viking Investment Services doing only microfinance. The only pieces of information I have been able to find on them are these. If anybody knows anything about them, please let me know.



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This website is my personal site on microfinance
. I have made the site because I am currently writing my master’s thesis on implementation of microfinance programs.

The page will be the electronic point of reference for my thesis, where I will post links, figures, reflections and more on microfinance. I hope that this page will make it easier for me to communicate the issues in my thesis to others with an interest in microfinance.

If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions feel free to contact me. Also, if you subscribe to my newsletter I will keep you posted.