Starting the thesis writing

I have only just started thinking about the thesis, so there are a lot of unknows still.

Right now I am working on a two-stage approach

In the first stage, I will look at some quantitative data on microfinance institutions in order to arrive at factors which affect the performance or delivery of microfinance. These factors can be for example

– the degree of ethnic homogeneity society,
– the regulatory environment
– the organizational setup: NGO, commercial bank or in-between
– the level of corruption
– the region

I am currently working with data from CGAP’s report on microfinance from 2003 plus data from and

In the second stage, I will look more closely at one of the factors through some case-studies of MFIs. In this stage, I will use some theory from political science, probably on policy implementation.

Comment and suggestions are welcome!


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