Small MFIs need funds

Small and medium enterprises are commonly targets in development finance. But what about the smalll and medium MFIs?

Fortunately, the global microfinance business gets quite a lot of funds these days. However, the bulk of the finance goes to large and well-tested MFIs, whereas the small and younger MFIs often have problems obtaining finance. The organization FIG (Fonds International de Garantie) has found an innovative way of helping out: It issues bank guarantees for small and medium MFIs. And what’s even better – you can make a direct donation or buy a share. No shareholder has ever lost her investment.

One Response to Small MFIs need funds

  1. dear sir
    iam a project manager for a community based organisation that is working to alleviate poverty amongst community vulnerable persons through sustainable development intiative .however lack of capital has been identified as a major setback to project/small enterprises start up.
    we have decided to launch microfinance project that would mobilise credit and savings to enable members to access financial services affordable and without colleterals/securities.
    As a project manager iam tasked to source for grants /loans for star-up capital and in my effort i have identified you institution for possible assistance.
    kindly help us secure funding,
    we are also seeking any group that would partner with us in implementing this project.

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