What Thesis?


Currently, and most of the spring 2006, I will be narrowing down and defining the exact topic of my thesis. Since I am also occupied by various other tasks, I will start the real thesis work in May.

The overall topic is implementation of microfinance programs. A possible research question could be: Which conditions are specifically important for the successful implementation of microfinance programs?

The background for this question is the large of practitioner’s literature, which tries to seek out the best practices for microfinance. However, there seems to be no ‘best practice.’ Different places, different tools. The problem then is if which practice is best where. No one size fits all – but how to determine which size fits where?

One way of looking at this question is by examining societal variables influence on microfinance implementation. This again can be done quantitatively, qualitatively or – perhaps preferably – both.

I have to write 100 pages within the field of political science, which at my department tends to be intepreted rather narrowly. There is no deadline, formally speaking.